What We Do

Neva plans to introduce innovative robotic devices utilizing 222nm UVC sterilization, human factors, and environmental sensing with real time software feedbacks to manage the growing risk of pathogen bacteria, fungi, yeast, and virus within global environments. Neva Healthcare brings real human value to the identification and disinfection of pathogens and viruses including COVID-19 and variants.

Due to the global ongoing pandemics, Neva Healthcare has created an opportunity to utilize technologies to provide a safe way to help business and organizations with small to medium spaces such as medical / dental offices, schools, care facilities, retail, and hotels to re-open and stay open by inactivating and measuring harmful pathogens in areas where people gather, without exposure of risky or costly chemical cleaning procedures.

As a result of the pandemic, Neva Healthcare has engineered robotic and software solutions that deliver cost-effective disinfection solutions to fight against Covid-19 and other existing and future pathogens, bacteria, fungi, yeast, and viruses.

The Neva systems include:

  • Total 222nm UVC sterilization for air, surface, objects and equipment
  • Human factors and volumetric sensing that is fully automated
  • Bio-sensing - environmental, respiratory & infectious control monitoring
  • Predictive alerts providing real-time information and cloud-based reporting
  • Zero IT plug and play, out of box solutions
  • API integration- synced to commercial building and risk management platforms

Neva Healthcare is proud to provide a more intelligent solution during these unprecedented times.